Have you ever taken a moment to think about where you will be in ten years or where you will live? Well, if you would have told me 7 years ago that we would be selling our dream home, that we just built and building all over again, I wouldn’t have believed you at all!

Let me start from the beginning…

June of 2009 we decided to officially startΒ from scratch building our dream home on our little 3 acre plot of land that we had purchased in 2004 with a mobile home on it. After a year of planning and dreaming and designing, it was time to see our dreams come to life. We loved our home, everything about it was perfect and so full of memories. Everything from the pocket door in the master bathroom that we somehow nailed shut when we were putting the door in. To the small dent in the brand new hardwood floor where my Dad dropped a screw driver and it put a noticeable dent in the floor. Rookie mistake’s are great for memories. We loved the kitchen island that we made for entertaining and family dinners. So many things about our home were perfect and we honestly NEVER thought we would leave. Well, unless the perfect property ever came along.


My dream kitchen and DIY kitchen island

Fast forward 6 years … My parents approached us again about moving to a piece of property on their farm. A first generation farm they bought in 1995 from the sweetest lady. The farm started with 57 acres, a small white farmhouse and no barn. My parents took had to build the barn before they even brought the horses over. More on that story another day! Well, to make a long story short, we started planning our next dream home! We will be the second generation on the farm. How exciting! We were over the moon excited but had so many questions about where to start with subdividing the property, having the land surveyed, utilities, permits etc… so much work to be done and so many ideas! We will be starting from scratch again with 26 acres of gorgeous property connecting to the rest of my parents farm and my brothers property! We LOVE being close to family and now we have the chance to be even closer.


Dreams change and evolve with time. Come back tomorrow for the next page of our story and maybe a sneak peak at our next dream home!











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