Dreams Change.

Welcome back!

So with a quick recap from yesterday, we built our dream home and decided to move to the family farm on our own piece of property, sell our dream home and build a new one!

I am so excited to move back “home”to the farm. My hubby is just as excited. Now we need to determine what is the next step!

I get out the pencil and paper and start drawing, and drawing and drawing some more. I will go through so many pages and erasers. (Literally many erasers) Home design is an amazing thing and so very particular. Every space needs to be precisely determined for something specific. This time around, we have decided to build a smaller home and a ranch style, while our first dream home was a 2 story colonial. My 1st dream was to have a two story home with the big front porch so that is exactly what we built. That was the most important part for me. I adapted everything inside just so that I could have that look from the outside. Well, have I mentioned that dreams change? Now, this time around, with our next dream home, we are building the ranch style home with very little concern to the outside “look” and more attention to detail inside the house! Paying attention to every single detail inside and making every inch of space count! From almost 3500 square feet to a little over 1500 square feet will be a big change but it will be 1500 square feet of use able space and perfect for our needs!


I have decided there are a few things that are more important than others for me. The most important is a large great room, all open from the kitchen to the living room. The ideas and options just keep running across my mind! Over and over, what about this idea, and this idea and more!

Moving on to the design and decorations… Stop back tomorrow if you want to see more!











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