I am the absolute worst at making decisions. Let me just start by saying that and when you decide to build your own home, whether you use a builder or DIY, you can not imagine the amount of decisions you have to make until you have done it. Not only do you have to make more decisions than any normal person but you have to make these decisions in a short amount of time. Most times, you have to decide immediately.

If you have been through this process before, then you completely understand, but if not, I will bore you with this list!

Some of the decisions start as follows:

Deciding whether or not you are ready to build a house

Are we going to use a contractor or completely DIY or a mix of both

Basement or no basement

Pre formed concrete walls or a block foundation

Ranch style vs. 2 story or ???

This is just the start. The list goes on and on but in the end it is sooo worth it. The ability to customize every item in your home is exciting but… be prepared, you have your work cut out for you!

For us, these decisions were the easy ones the second time around. We knew right away we wanted a one story house, no basement (since we never used our full size finished basement in our first home) we were going for 98% DIY and a block foundation. Now we start with the next set of decisions. The fun stuff, the layout, where the receptacles and switches etc… will go! It was time to get out my pencil and paper again and get started. I will need more than one piece of paper, more like a whole notebook.

Now I can show you a little sneak peak of the exterior of the one story, block foundation and a huge porch! Since we were downsizing, we knew that we wanted plenty of space to entertain and with that, we wanted a very large great room and a huge porch! The rest of the house was planned around the porch and the great room.



The exterior of our one story ranch

This is the result of many, many changes and plans and ideas.

Stay tuned for more of the inside and some farmhouse charm.


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