Farmhouse Charm

The first thing I knew about this house is that I wanted it to scream farmhouse charm. Not everything but mostly everything. Does that make sense? The first thing I did was browse Pinterest, of course, and found way to many ideas. My hubby may or may not cringe at the sound of the word Pinterest. There are just so many ideas and so many different themes and projects etc… For me, it is tough to narrow it down, but I found exactly what I was meant to find. Reclaimed barnwood. The first thing that caught my eye was a ceiling done in reclaimed barn wood! I fell in love all over again, this time, with a ceiling lol. The ceiling was gorgeous, not one solid color but a mixture of shades and different lengths etc… From that day forward, my search began for the perfect reclaimed wood.

Unfortunately, the search was more difficult than I expected. The biggest problem was that we needed a large amount. We decided to do the main living space ceiling in the reclaimed wood but, we weren’t exactly sure at this point how big that would be. So, the search continued. Have you ever searched for barn wood before? Well, if you haven’t, there are so many questions and decisions. Remember, I am not great with decisions. Some of the questions we came across were:

What are the dimensions of the room you need the lumber for?

What species of wood are you looking for?

What lengths do you need the wood?

Do you need the same width’s on all the boards?

Would you like the wood planed down or rough?

Then, last but not least, the toughest of them all, where will you store the wood until you are ready? The first thing you will learn about home building and renovations is that nothing and I mean NOTHING happens quickly. Nothing is on time or within the estimated window. So, I sat back down to re-figure and finish the interior layout of the house so I could determine the amount of wood we actually needed.

The following week, I see this post on Facebook and called immediately. We finally found our reclaimed wood. This particular wood came from a barn built in 1893 in New Bethlehem, Pa. How perfect. We bought it!

Barn wood blog.png

Now what??? We have a huge trailer load of barn wood andΒ no house or garage to store it! We were very fortunate that the couple we purchased the lumber from, was able to store it for us. Win, win!

More on that later.

Have you used reclaimed wood for any projects recently? I would love to see them!



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