The Dog


I warned you that I may or may not share way too many pictures of our furkid, Charlie. So here we go.

Introducing tiny Charlie. This little ball of fur came to us 3 years ago. We had said goodbye to our sweet Chocolate Lab mix rescue about 5 months before. Every day, my hubby would ask me if I was ready for another dog yet and I said no. I said no so many times that I can’t remember how many but one day, out of no where, there was a pup that needed a home and Ryan showed me a picture and I said, YES, let’s go get him.


I think Ryan was in shock and wasn’t sure what to do at that moment after I said no for so long. So, the rest is history. We picked up our sweet fur ball and took him to Petsmart to pick out his new toy. We found him a Kong gator and carried him through the store watching everyone smile at this cute tiny quiet precious puppy.

The quiet stopped as soon as we got in the car. He let out a big howl. Charlie is a mix, a lab hound mix. You could definitely see the lab in his parents but not so much the hound. After that big deep howl, we knew there was a definite hound in there somewhere.


The first couple days we knew he was going to be a handful but the sweetest boy. He snuggled on his pillow at the end of the bed or the arm of the couch, always wanting to be propped up on something. He HATED the crate, even after a week of proper crate training and getting acquainted with the crate before we locked the door. He still to this day hates the crate but has learned to adjust for the most part.


We had a few funny moments in the beginning including this one…. The first day of the crate alone, he managed to open the door of the crate, climb on top of the crate, around the laundry shelf that I had beside the crate and on to the washing machine. My Mom stopped to let him out of the crate after an hour or so, and this is where she found him!!! At this point, we are wondering what kind of crazy pup we brought home.


Crazy or not, we love him to pieces and we will be sharing way too many pictures of him along the way!dsc_0023











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