One of my favorite things throughout this whole process of planning and building has been my essential oils. Stress, muscle strain and just all around being anxious are not the best things but let’s face it, they happen. There are so many different oils I could tell you about and so many things I could talk way way way too much about but I am just going to share a little bit of info with you and we will get right back to home building and design!

About a year ago my sister in law invited me to this make n take class for essential oils. What the heck are those?? That’s not exactly what I said but in my mind, that is what I was thinking. She knew I loved anything a little bit healthy or more natural. The good stuff minus all the bad toxic stuff. So, I said sure. The class was SO INFORMATIVE! I was kind of blown away by the information and the science of it all. I won’t bore you with the science of it but I will tell you one amazing little fact I learned. Did you know that it takes 75 lemons to make a 15 ml bottle of Young Living lemon essential oils? That is so awesome folks!

Today I just want to showcase to of my favorites with you! The two oils that have helped me through this whole process.


Peace & Calming! It is amazing. Kind of like a bottle of gold with a hint of a hint of oranges, tangerines and patchouli! Sounds heavenly right??? It is! It totally supports a good night’s sleep. Anything that helps me sleep well, I am all for that.


My second favorite through this process is fabulous for sore muscles after all the lifting, painting, moving etc…. Deep Relief. It is an amazing blend of peppermint, eucalyptus, wintergreen and more. It comes in a roll on bottle so it is ready to go. I keep on of these babies in my purse and one at home!


If you love finding healthier products for you and your family, hop over to my website for more information by clicking here!



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