The End of a Dirt Road


I have traveled up this dirt road so many times. More times than I can count. Most of the times I would have been riding on a horse, walking my dog or traveling on the side by side but now, it will be my driveway. I will be driving my car or truck up here daily. How crazy is that? For me, it’s pretty crazy actually. Almost like pinch me, I don’t believe it!



Choosing our spot

For years we always thought of building here and now it is really happening. Blessed. We are truly blessed and we know that, believe me.

The next part of this process was deciding on hiring a contractor to do the excavation or purchasing the equipment and doing the excavation ourselves. Did I mention my hubby can do anything? Lol. No, I mean seriously, when it comes to operating equipment or building something, he is my guy. Well, he is always my guy but you get the picture.

We weighed out the pros and cons and decided since time was in our favor, we would see if we could find a used Dozer that was big enough to move a lot of dirt and start the excavation.

We totally lucked out and found a great deal honestly sooner than we were ready. We hauled her home and Ryan was ready to start.


The next few months were a blur, between the excavation, surveying, permits, drawing and planning things moved slow and fast. We put our house up for sale and moved in to a rental that my brother owned, fortunately at the bottom of our new driveway! It couldn’t have been any easier. One of the hardest things while building is bringing everything to and from the build site. It seems impossible at first but we built a shed to store tools etc… on site and the rest we took back and forth. The excavation was exciting. To see the sloped field level out to somewhere we could put a house on… exciting!



This is the perfect spot.





Where’s waldo? I mean, where’s the dozer?


Ta Da.



Our mascot.




We are ready for a house!














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