Today is the day. The big day that we have been waiting for since the beginning of the planning stages. We will have a concrete foundation after today.

Block in place – check

Vapor barrier down – check

Wire mesh – check

Tubing in place – check

Coffee & donuts ready – check

Let’s get started!



We are ready.


We had three concrete trucks in the driveway at the same time!


Leaving our mark.


Don’t judge, it was a hot day and this is at the end of the long busy work day but we were so excited to have a floor!


My niece and nephew left their mark too!


It’s done.


Charlie approves.


Sunshine on the new floor.


The view from above.

One thing you won’t see in all of these pictures is the huge group of family and friends we had with us that day to make it all possible. We were so blessed to have so many extra hands on such an important day. It is amazing to see what can get done in a couple of hours when you have family and friends to help!

We sat in our plastic rocking chairs from Giant Eagle for a couple of hours even after dark (remember there are no lights yet lol) and just enjoyed our new spot and the fact that we have a floor! Β Now, on to the next project.


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