Now we are getting to the exciting part. Well, I will probably say that every step of the way, but you get the picture. This is the stage where everything takes shape. From a concrete slab and a bunch of drawings, to actual walls with cut outs for windows and doors.


Sunshine on the new floor.

Before we get to the good stuff, (the pictures) let me give you a brief rundown of what happened to get us to this stage. I had my drawings ready, after about a hundred (thousand)   scraps of paper and new drawings, so we took them to a local lumber store where he put my drawings on the computer. We dealt directly with one person via phone or email and the process went great. We wanted to shop “local” as much as possible this time rather than the big box stores. So, that is exactly what we did. All of our lumber basically was purchased through a store called Innovations of Home in Marion Center, Pa. Basically, we showed them our own drawing of what we wanted, and they gave us a list of materials that we would need through out the process. That took all the guess work out of it for us. For a project of this size, the less guess work we have to do, the better.


The morning of our delivery.


This is our house. Well, most of it. The walls on the first truck and trusses on the next.

We decided to have Innovations frame our walls for us considering the amount of time it would save us. They have a building where they actually frame all the walls inside on a table so they are all square and perfect! This makes it so much easier when although we have some family that can help, we didn’t want to rely on them and we could do the framing of the house without hiring a contractor. We ordered the walls and then, we waited. We got the call that our walls were ready to be delivered by truck over the second weekend in September. It was a crazy exciting and busy day. My biggest concern was if the huge semi would make it up our long dirt road driveway. The driveway is about 1/4 mile long and all up hill with a bend or two.


The semi on his way up the steep part of the driveway!


The made it, time to unload the walls.


Charlie approves.


All the walls unloaded.


Charlie needed a nap from the hot sun.






This is the corner of the great room. I can just see the huge window and a window seat right here.


This is the middle of the great room. Living area to the left, dining area in the middle and the kitchen will be on the right.


No interior walls yet but the exterior walls almost all up. 


It is starting to look like a house. Is this even real?


The front livingroom window and front door opening.


It’s up.


The view from the garage.


The trusses are going up.




Using a crane for the trusses.


My brother and my hubby working on the trusses. They have worked together so many times they know what the other one is going to do next.


The last one!


We have a roof, almost. This will be the great room with the living room on the left, dining area in the middle and the kitchen on the right. The ceiling in this room will be the reclaimed barn wood! 


Our first night with a house.


Time to sheet the roof.


The sheeting is on and the “elephant skin” protective covering is on. Now we can breathe.


My huge kitchen windows. I will be using ship lap for the backsplash in the kitchen over my farmhouse sink. I can just imagine it already, can you??? 


Our little slice of heaven and the best view ever.

The process of having the walls pre-framed was our best decision so far. Ryan and his Dad literally had all the walls up by afternoon then a few extra helpers arrived. The weekend was so full of helpers with the trusses, the walls and the sheeting we were so blessed. We would have never finished in time before the weather changed if we didn’t have so much help. Now, we regroup and on to the next step.

I would love to hear your stories of building your dream home. Does anyone else have a long driveway they were worried about for these deliveries? I was so worried. I am so relieved now that it is done!

Thanks for stopping by. I will be back soon with the next step.




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