Every step of the home building process is crazy, ridiculous, exciting, hard, tedious and such a feeling of accomplishment all at the same time. Some steps are small and some are huge steps. The drywall or sheet rock phase is probably one of the most exciting for me. I am finally able to see the walls and the rooms taking shape. This step is also where the room sizes really come to life and sometimes we second guess ourselves with the sizes we chose.

Our floor plan is very basic and mostly concentrating on the open great room rather than the rest of the house. The great room is open and relatively large while the bedrooms are much smaller. I would always suggest adding an extra bedroom to allow for added space and organization but in our case, our first dream home was a 3 bedroom with a full basement because we planned to have a huge family some day. As I mentioned before, our plans change and sometimes things don’t turn out exactly the way we planned them. Fast forward almost 7 years later and we haven’t been blessed with that huge family so, we knew that a smaller house with less bedrooms was exactly what we needed. We added a spare room for the nieces and nephew or as a den/guest room. I don’t need a separate office because I designed the kitchen to include office space. So this way, we can concentrate on the great room! That is exactly what we did.


Ignore the mess and the dark pictures. No overhead lights yet. We were using plug on shop lights on our temporary electric service.


Master bedroom sheet rock is up!


The best little drawing my nephew left for us. I don’t think he realized these are actual walls now.


Progress in the great room!

We added the space for the refrigerator to be tucked back in the wall in the kitchen so the front is even with the pantry cabinets built in around it. I think the extra added space will really create a finished look in the kitchen. The walk in closet is behind that space so it worked out perfectly in my design process.


I am picturing myself sitting in front of this window.


My niece and nephew were pretty excited too.


Charlie the Sunshine dog found his spot.

The great room will be bright and sunny, my favorite. The living room space will be on the left, the dining table in the center and the kitchen to the right.


Ready to paint. Anxiously waiting.

My favorite part of this process is seeing the color on the walls. I have my colors picked and I am prepared to paint. The whole house will be a neutral color scheme with the barn wood and ship lap accents. More on that later!


My kitchen windows. Ready for the ship lap back splash.

The office space in my kitchen is something I can’t wait for. The cabinets on the left side will be designed for all of my files, so I can swap out the tall 4 drawer filing cabinet and condense my files to two drawers. I will have room for my cameras and chargers and the day to day papers we need easily accessible. I will have room for all of my oil business goodies and room for all of my blogging notes and notebooks/planners. Among all of that, I drew up a hutch type space in the center of the tall cabinet for my blue mason jars and some decorative farmhouse items! I CAN’T WAIT!

Do you have an office space in your kitchen? Do you love it or hate it?


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