Happy Monday


Our first Dream home living room. This was Olympic Stone Grey from Lowes. 

I am not really sure why I titled this post Happy Monday, but I am sure someone out there loves Monday’s. I am not that someone. Monday can be a great day but usually, it is just the realization that our fabulous weekend is over. The weekend that is never long enough and goes by way too fast. Do you like Monday’s? Really, I am sure some one does.

Anyways, around here, the weekend is the best time of the week but lately, the weekend is so full of projects. I am a few posts behind on house projects so I will spare you the details of the projects. I wanted to post each project as it happened, but let’s face it folks, things don’t always go as planned. So, soon, we will be all caught up and I can post in real time!  The projects usually revolve around the house of course, and now, also revolving around paint!

So let’s get to the paint colors! As I have mentioned before, we want to shop local for everything that we can. So instead of going to Lowes, we are shopping at the local paint store about 5 minutes from the house. This will be perfect for the fact that I always forget something or run out and need to go back to the store. The nearest Lowes or Home Depot is about 25 minutes from us.

I know I want a great neutral grey-beige ish color for all of the walls except the laundry. In our first dream home, I loved all of the paint colors I chose especially the living room but my least favorite, if I had to choose, was the kitchen. It was a gorgeous deep burgundy but it was too much color. The decorative items I wanted for in the space would always clash with the walls! So this time, it will be all neutral! I plan to have bright white cabinets with a white ship lap back splash in the kitchen, dark wood floors and the reclaimed wood ceiling (can you just picture it??) so I want a nice neutral for the walls. Something that I can add pops of color to.

My first choice is Benjamin Moore Revere Pewter


Revere Pewter

What do you think? Too grey or too beige? Or just right? Too late now but I love hearing other opinions. I took some time and talked to the owner of the paint store and collected way, way too many paint samples. I brought home more paint samples than any normal person should. I also purchased the sample cans of several colors and even took the time to prime the drywall, to make sure the color is exactly as it will be. Picked a spot with a lot of natural light and started painting my choices on the wall. I loved the Revere Pewter so that is the color I picked!


Are you ready to see the paint actually on the walls??? Me too!





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