You Put What on the Ceiling???

I can not even begin to tell you how many people looked at me like I was crazy each and every time I mentioned putting old reclaimed barn wood on the ceiling on our brand new house. I absolutely love the idea and had seen so many pictures for inspiration but if I mentioned it to someone that hadn’t seen the pictures, they probably thought I was crazy! Well, crazy or not, here we go.


A lot of reclaimed wood


After the clear coat


These pieces need stained and clear coat


In the process

The barn wood we purchased from the Wooden Whale Workshop now has a coat of clear and it is ready for the ceiling. After complaining more than I care to admit about the steps involved, and telling Ryan over and over that I changed my mind and I am NOT doing this project, I am so happy that he didn’t give up and kept pushing me to realize it will be worth it.




The plastic you see behind the wood planks is there for two reasons, there is a vapor barrier and then we needed to cover the white on the ceiling so that if there are cracks in the wood (which there are a lot of considering it is old wood) then you won’t see the white.


During the process of moving the barn wood from inside the house (a trailer load of wood) outside and under the porch roof, then sorting the piles by width and clear coating every piece, Charlie decided to take a walk across our boards. He left paw prints on them, many of them, and I decided to leave them there for a little character at first! It wasn’t very funny at first, but now we can laugh about it!



Double checking my paint color choices with the barn wood and the flooring!


It is starting to look amazing isn’t it?


The finished product. The great room ceiling complete.


One of the biggest concerns when we started this project, was if we would have enough lumber to complete the whole ceiling. We said yes, then we said no, then we thought maybe. This little pile above, is all we had left from the start of this project. The trailer was FULL when we started.


After the first coat of primer. It is starting to look like a house!


The front door, and the freshly coated walls. I chose Revere Pewter by Benjamin Moore.


The space to the right will be the living room and my entry bench will sit on the far wall towards the left! Soon!


Our comfy plastic rocking chairs. Our only furniture for our new living room.


So many projects at the same time, the guys got the ship lap up on the kitchen wall! It is going to be amazing! I will use the Simply White by Benjamin Moore to brighten it up.

img_20161123_155658376Charlie approves. Now we are on to the next project. Paint, paint, paint. I can’t even believe it. This has been such a process from the beginning but it is so worth it. All of those that looked at me like I was crazy, in the beginning, were totally impressed by the finished product. Or at least they acted that way. Haha. All that matters is that we love it. Every time I walk in to the room, I smile because I LOVE it.

What do you think of the reclaimed wood ceiling? Would you do this in your house?


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