Happy Valentine’s Day

We interrupt this week to bring you, Valentine’s Day, in the middle of the week! I guess I shouldn’t be complaining considering it was a gorgeous sunny day and a great excuse to celebrate. I love any excuse for a celebration, presents and new decorations. I took this opportunity today to take a break and take my four legged Valentine ( @Charlie.the.Sunshine.Dog) along with me to run a few errands.




I love to take him with me wherever I go, but depending on the weather (considering the vehicle gets crazy hot way too fast) and where I have to go, he can’t always go along. Today required running (what am I talking about, not running, walking) in to Lowe’s to return curtains I purchased online that didn’t work out. Lowe’s is pet friendly! Did you know that? I didn’t for the longest time and a friend of mine just took their Β dog in to a nearby Lowe’s. I have heard that it depends on the manager of that store so always check first but, today was Charlie’s first trip inside! He was a good boy and the people were so friendly! Several of the Lowe’s employee’s took time to say hello to Charlie and he LOVED it. He was the center of attention. His absolute favorite.


Charlie’s 1st trip inside Lowes


Center of attention at Lowes.

After Lowes, we made a quick pit stop at Petsmart to browse the toys and treats. Unfortunately they didn’t have any fun Valentine’s day toys so we moved on to the next stop!


At Petsmart sporting his Puddle Jumper Pups collar and leash set.

The next stop is of course Starbucks. Because how could you go shopping and not go to Starbuck’s right??? Although, I am not a coffee drinker so I skip the coffee and go for the iced black tea. Charlie of course got his first Puppichino!



Charlie‘s first Puppichino

After all that excitement, we stopped at Ringer’s Pet Dog Training. Ringer’s carries all different types of dog food with real ingredients, real meat as the first ingredient!! Grain free if you need it and so many other options. We love it! They of course had a great selection of Valentine’s day goodies and even some St. Patrick’s Day toys from Huggle Hounds! We may or may not have grabbed on of those to save for next month!




Charlie picked this adorable Valentine’s Huggle Hounds toy.

Charlie absolutely loved all the attention and goodies today. He even earned himself a free bag of treats at Ringers for being such a good boy.If you want to see more of Charlie, you can follow him on instagram here. Β 

Okay I know, enough with the dog pictures!! Moving on to a little Valentine’s Day decor for today and I will let you get back to your regularly scheduled Valentine’s Day plans!




Sneak peak at our table from The Wooden Whale Workshop!Β 


Happy Valentine’s Day!






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