White Farmhouse Kitchen


Here it is. Not quite finished yet.

I had to share a picture of what we have been up to recently. I really tried to post chronologically for the most part, but for this, I need to skip ahead.

I can honestly say that the most time consuming project we have endured throughout this home building process is the kitchen planning. I have spent most of the past year planning, changing, planning, and changing my kitchen plans more times than I can count. The kitchen truly is the heart of the home, especially in our home. My dream was to have an open concept white farmhouse kitchen.

My childhood was spent growing up on a farm, most weekends I can remember waking up to the smell of pancakes, usually blueberry with blueberries from the farm, that my dad was making on the only days of the week he was home from work in the mornings. We all had a big breakfast at the tables, yes, I say tables because my Mom had a huge open kitchen with three dining tables in a row. Hence the desire for the huge open kitchen in our new dream home. We have a big family with a lot of family dinners!

The conversations we had around those tables are the memories we hold on to forever. Well, if you could understand the conversations, because when you grow up in a house with 9 children around the table at any given time, plus our parents and every Sunday our grandparents too, the conversations were usually going so many directions that it was tough to follow along. When Ryan & I met, I remember him being in awe of the craziness at the family dinner table and the fact that he knew I loved it. The noise, chaos and laughter was my favorite, it still is. So when I started designing our new kitchen, I knew it needed to have a few certain things so that we could have room for all the chaos, noise and laughter at our home.

Open concept

Huge island

Big windows for lots of natural light

Large range with tons of space for pots and pans

Extra large apron front sink

Plenty of space for a large dining table

And a few other things but you get the idea.

I met with several kitchen cabinet designers to show them my drawings and plans. I am a bargain hunter so I shopped around to find exactly what I wanted for the right price. I started the process months before we even had the house drawings completed. The whole house would revolve around the kitchen. I also knew that I wanted bright white cabinets this time to contrast perfectly with the dark wood floors and the reclaimed wood ceilings. We will be splurging on the kitchen by adding so many cabinets and drawer bases but we will be saving by installing the cabinet’s ourselves and trying to budget along the way by less fancy interior of the cabinets. I don’t need the fancy organizers, I need the space and the large drawers.


The start of the design!

After months of re-figuring and changing the plans, I finally decided on a layout and it was time to get started! We ordered the kitchen from Smicksburg Kitchen’s in Smicksburg, Pa. The cabinet’s will be all solid hardwood and built at the cabinet shop. The only problem is that we had to wait about 11 weeks for the cabinets to completed. Due to unforeseen circumstances, it took longer than planned. It was worth the wait.


Our awesome Craigslist find! A 6 burner gas Viking range for less than 1/4 of the price of a new one!


We picked up half of the cabinets! Charlie approves.


Installing the cabinets. My hubby can build anything. πŸ™‚


The apron front farmhouse Kraus sink.


It’s getting there. Still need the uppers and the island.


We have an island!


So excited for this storage space! Now the fridge just needs centered and we were waiting on the freezer handle from Maytag!


The island finally has drawer pulls. These are Amerock and we love them! You can find them on Amazon here.Β 


So excited to see it finally coming together.


Our fabulous Elk Lighting Β 17″ pendant lights that work with our sloped ceiling! These are oil rubbed bronze but you can also find them in copper here.


We are currently waiting on our counter top to be made. We decided to go with concrete counter tops for the wall cabinets and a maple counter top for the island. I can’t wait to see it all together but for now, we have temporary plywood counter tops.

Now that you have seen all the exciting pictures, what do you think? I would love to hear your thoughts.






5 thoughts on “White Farmhouse Kitchen

  1. Jessica says:

    This kitchen is truly amazing! Every detail is so well I thought out. I remember 4-H meetings at your parents house. All the kids, and I loved that kitchen for all the projects and cake decorating, etc. What made you decide on the apron sink?


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