February Maybe?

Today marks day three of over 60 degree temperatures in Pennsylvania in February. Strange. Very, very strange. I am not complaining though, we have taken every opportunity to enjoy this gorgeous weather. The house sometimes suffers inside on a day like today because we just want to be outside enjoying every bit of this weather. I am sure that as I talk about this, it will probably snow but for now we will enjoy it.


He wanted to sit in the sun this weekend, so his Daddy gave him a chair. 

Is the weather gorgeous where you live?? Are you outside enjoying most of it?


@Charlie.the.Sunshine.Dog was loving it. 

I managed to unpack some boxes this weekend, you know, the last of the boxes in the spare room that stare me down every time I open that door. It was time. I sorted, I donated and I tossed in the trash but it is looking much better. It is not quite done yet but it will be soon. I came across the tote of afghan’s and quilts that my Gram and my hubby’s Gram made for us in our first home.

These afghan’s are memories to me and such special memories that I didn’t want to use them. I put them in a tote to keep them safe. In November, my Grandma passed away unexpectedly. My Gram is someone I talked to DAILY. If I wasn’t emailing her, I was calling her or we would post back and forth on Facebook. Yes, my 83 year old Grandma was on Facebook and email. She LOVED it. I can just picture the phone call I would be making to her today to tell her I posted a picture of her afghan on my blog or Facebook and she would be saying how wonderful that is.

So I decided get the afghan out and use it! I was honestly afraid of even washing them, but I did and they came out fine. The color isn’t the exact color I would pick for my color scheme, considering I love the fabulous teal but to me, this is the perfect fit. Now I just need to find a place for the wedding ring quilt she made for me. Next on my list.

Do you have a special quilt or afghan that holds a special place in your heart?


I think it fits just perfect. 

Home Sweet Home pillow cover from Promised Gifts on Etsy, you can find it here. 

The grey pillow cover from Twisted Bobbin Designs on Etsy, find it here. 













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