How Big Do You Want the Drawers?

As I have mentioned before, the kitchen is basically the most important part of our house. A place to gather when our families are here for dinner, a place to talk and of course a place to cook. I planned and planned every detail as much as humanly possible, or so I thought. After the decisions were made about the finish on the cabinets, white, and the door style, shaker style, then it was time to determine what goes where! I also wanted to add some contrast and do the island in a different finish.


Something like this! Source – Magnolia Market

It sounds easier than it actually is. Imagining the layout and planning each space so that you aren’t wasting cabinet space, every cabinet is important. In our first dream home, the cabinets were a beautiful honey oak and they were great cabinets. What I loved about them was the layout but what I didn’t love about them was the fact that I only had seven drawers. All smaller drawers. In the new kitchen, I knew I wanted big drawers! It sounds funny that drawers are the first thing I thought of but, they are the greatest for storing large pots and pans and cookie sheets or baking dishes. I planned to have all drawer base cabinets throughout the kitchen other than the pantry cabinets and the sink base. It was a great plan.


Fast forward to sitting down with the cabinet maker, he asked how many drawers I wanted for the 38″ drawer base, three or four drawers? I automatically said two drawers and he had a funny look on his face and right away says “those are going to be really big drawers” I laughed and said, I know, but that’s what I want. So that is what I got and I LOVE them. I love the fact that I can put everything in them without moving things around and reorganizing or stacking and moving things around.



This is what the drawers ended up like. These are the island drawers. See, they aren’t THAT big. I LOVE them. Ignore the construction dust!


A view of the wall cabinets and pantry cabinets around the fridge. LOVE.Β 


The kitchen definitely needed a pop of color to go along with the fabulous neutrals. Target Threshold always helps with that.Β 

Organization is the most important part in my kitchen. If it is easy to find what I need and when I need it, then I use it! If not, I get annoyed and do something else. Does anyone else do that? Maybe it’s just me. Well, either way, I love to be organized.

In our old kitchen, one of the things that drove me nuts was the spice cupboard. I tried to keep it organized but no matter how I organized the spices, I couldn’t find something. In the new kitchen I knew I wanted a spice drawer. So that is what I designed. I know, I have way too many spices.


My spices, don’t judge, I love to cook and have too many spices but they are so neat in the drawer and I can see all of them!


One drawer of pots & pans easy to access.

I am still organizing and rearranging the drawers a little at a time but for the most part, it is all finally put away and semi organized. Do you like drawers or cabinet doors in your kitchen? I would love to hear about it!


Of course Charlie likes to help organize too.Β 

I will leave you with the latest picture of the kitchen while we are still waiting on our counter tops, stools for the island and the range hood. Soon!


So excited to see it finally coming together.
















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