My Weakness

We all have one, whether it is sweets, shoes or shopping, we all have a weakness. I may fall under the crazy category of way too many but definitely sweets and home decorating stores. It is a terrible weakness to have while maybe not the worst. A year and a half ago when we decided to build our new dream home on 26 acres of property from my parents farm, I stopped decorating and stopped shopping for anything and everything house decor related. I knew that I would have to put everything in boxes and leave it there for at least 6 months or a year. So I stopped, now I can’t say I stopped browsing. I browsed and saved more items on Etsy in the last year than I care to admit. I have pinned way too much on Pinterest and I may or may not, have added countless items to my online “carts” and wishlists but I knew I couldn’t buy.

Recently, we have had to purchase so many big ticket items for the house including all the building materials, all the appliances, all the furniture etc… that there was no way I would be able to go right out and buy decorations! So, I have been waiting. Impatiently. My hubby is very patient on the other hand. He puts up with all my craziness throughout the whole process and he knows my love for decorating. So yesterday when I told him I wanted to go to Home Goods and Target, he just smiles. Because he knows what happens next.

Now I will admit, I am a bargain shopper. I will see something I LOVE and wait or go home and try to find it cheaper online and usually I do. There are so many websites with free shipping anymore that I LOVE. There are so many places to bargain shop. If you love to decorate, where do you shop? My favorites are of course Home Goods, Target, Marshalls and recently Joann Fabric’s. I really lucked out there yesterday! I have to admit though, until yesterday, I have NEVER been to a Kirkland’s!!! Can you believe that? For a home decor addict like myself, Kirkland’s is a dream! I just happened to take a quick look in there yesterday and my only complaint…. They didn’t have shopping carts LOL. Although, that is probably a good thing but I thrilled with all the modern farmhouse decor. I will definitely be going back.

Now, on to the goods!


Love, love, love everything about this from Joann Fabrics. 


Home Goods crate! 


Joann Fabrics love! 


Again Joann Fabrics



Home Goods. Isn’t this perfect??? 


So excited to find this! 

I have a new obsession with Pineapples. Did you know that pineapples are a symbol of fertility? I need all the help I can get in that aspect of life considering after almost 7 years of waiting to be blessed with a child, so, I struggle to find pineapple decor that will fit in with my modern farmhouse style. I picked up this cute beverage jar at Home Goods and I loved the teal color. I turned it around and there is a pineapple on it! How perfect! I think it is a sign.


This is the face of Charlie.the.Sunshine.Dog while his Momma unpacks her shopping bags. Cozy on my rug from Target! Similar one found here


I was beyond excited to find these two signs at Kirkland‘s! I had been looking for them on Etsy but the prices were in the $40 & up range and like I said, I am a bargain shopper. I walked in to Kirkland’s and found these for $16.99 each and I didn’t have to pay shipping! SOLD! Ignore the messy pillows as I just snapped a quick shot of them as soon as I got home to send my sister and my Mom!

So now that you have seen and read about all my crazy shopping and my weakness, tell me all about yours!


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