The Exterior

The exterior of the house is something that was put on the back burner at first because we wanted to cram like crazy and get the inside of the house ready for us to move in! Due to local building codes and inspections, the house had to be COMPLETE inside before we could move any furniture in or live here. So the countdown was on and we had to concentrate inside.

Fortunately we were able to focus outside after a while! We were also lucky enough that Ryan’s Dad was able to work on the siding a lot of the time we were working inside! How great is that?

Rewind a few months to when we were in the planning stages, I knew I wanted to have the board and batten on the exterior of the house but I had no intentions of putting the actual wood board and batten. The look is phenomenal but the upkeep just isn’t worth it to me. I am looking for as little upkeep as possible. We spend time researching and going over our options. At first I wanted white farmhouse siding. Then I went back to the wood look and then we finally settled on the Lakeshore Fern (green) board and batten vinyl siding! Yes, vinyl! How exciting is that? The board and batten without the upkeep, it’s a win win for me. We were so excited about the siding until the delivery truck brought all of the boxes and we realized each piece was only about 7″ wide. Blah…. We were hoping for at least 12″ if not about 21″ for each piece but we managed! What type of material is on the outside of your house? Do you like the board and batten? We sure do.

The exterior of the house is very simple. We designed the house so that it was easy for us to build without hiring a contractor. We basically designed a rectangle with a large front porch. The options are endless when it comes to the exterior of your home. You can add dormers, you can add bump outs, you can create such a great elevation difference but for us, we wanted simple. It worked out great. Considering Ryan and his Dad were able to stand up all the pre-built walls themselves in one afternoon, we did good!


This is the front right of the house. The drive way comes up around on the right. So you are basically looking at the garage. This side is definitely simple but it works for us. My laundry room is in between the garage and the house and I wanted storage on the wall more than a window so now it kind of looks like we need a window there but… can’t have everything perfect right??


The driveway and the garage side. Ignore the construction zone mess! 


Finally we have the start of siding! Don’t you just love the color?? 


A little more siding, the front porch and our two plastic rocking chairs I grabbed at Giant Eagle so we had something to sit out in all the weather! 



The siding on the end is complete!


Finally we have outdoor lighting! I grabbed these at Lowes. They were a little fancier than the style I was going for but they work! One of the toughest parts of building is that sometimes you need things immediately and you don’t have time to shop for the perfect piece. You have to run to town and grab it now. 



Our front door and the lights before the globes were added on! 


I decided early on that I wanted all glass for the front door. It is definitely not a traditional front door but that works for me. We have an amazing view and I wanted to be able to see it, all of it, every day. Plus, I should probably be honest and say that I really wanted the door with the glass low enough so Charlie could see out the window. Yes, the whole house was planned around our dog.


The progress is amazing and we are so blessed. This photo was taken about a month ago when we had snow. Ignore the siding that isn’t finished and the unfinished porch floor. We will get there.



The view from above. 


The view is obviously our favorite part. We basically planned everything around it. As we sit inside and plan our out our porch furniture layout, I just imagine sitting out there enjoying the view and sitting around a little fire listening to it crackle. Bring on summer!



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