Bandana Dog

Welcome back. As most of you already know, I take entirely too many pictures of Charlie. AKA Charlie.the.Sunshine.Dog as his Instagram reads. He is honestly entirely too easy to photograph. Do you do the same thing with your fur baby? It is a sickness I think. I love it though.

I am always on the hunt for fun accessories like bandanas or cute collars for Charlie that show off his personality and fit him well. Considering his isn’t the smallest dog, I usually can’t find anything in his size at Petsmart or Walmart. So whenΒ Charlie was asked to try out these fabulous bandanas from Gunner Gear, of course we said yes! Any excuse to snap more pictures and accessorize we are in! Gunner Gear is a great newer Etsy shop out of Florida but you can of course purchase the fashionable bandanas for your fur baby right here! There are so many fun prints and colors to choose from and that is my favorite part. Our dogs all have such different personalities so we definitely need options. Right?

DSC_0137 (2)

This adorable blue plaid print similar to this one is perfect for Charlie’s personality. A little bright color but nothing too crazy. Just like Charlie, a little wild at times and but mostly calm and cool. The over the collar style bandana works great for Charlie because it stays put. If we were to order more, that is the style we would choose.

Blog feb (88)

I mean look at this face? Isn’t he a cutie?


DSC_0158 (3)

We love the custom sizing! Perfect for this large neck!


I know, some dogs hate to wear anything other than the collar, Charlie isn’t one of those dogs. It may be that he is so used to the fact that his Momma tries to dress him up for every holiday or occasion or he might just like to be festive. Okay, the real truth is just that he knows if he is patient and good while I take his picture, he gets biscuits.


The Aspen is a great print to fit the calmer side of Charlie. Neutral and all around cute.The Aspen is a tie bandana. It works great for some dogs but when Charlie gets wild, we need the over the collar style.

DSC_0156 (3)

I think Charlie is partial to the blue.



Charlie’s best bud Bailey stopped in for a play date.


Most of the bandanas from Gunner Gear are reversible too! We love this option. Two for the price of one.

I think these are a pretty cute accessory for Charlie’s wardrobe. Β What do you think?

If you would like to see more of Gunner Gear you can find them on Instagram here. Facebook here.Β You can shop from the Etsy store by clicking here.


*** Disclaimer – we received these products for free in exchange for a review. All opinions are my own.***


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