Rustic Corrugated Metal Spa Shower

The shower in our master bath is something I started planning in the early stages! I wanted to have a large walk in shower but I wasn’t sure what I could do to make it fit our rustic modern farmhouse style. There are so many different options as with everything but going with the style of the house, I knew I wanted something different.

Since our date nights recently have been to Lowes, yes Lowes Home Improvement store, I have had a lot of time to browse every inch of the store. I stumbled on these shower pebbles/rocks for a spa type shower and I was in love. I thought these would look perfect for the floor of the shower. It would give some dimension to the floor and look rustic. How much more rustic can you get with rocks on the floor? I found a few pictures online and fell in love with the corrugated metal sides and the pebble floor. So, I started my lists and measurements and my hubby and I went back to Lowes after some research!

We started with a layer of mortar. After it dried we put the rubber shower floor liner in place. Similar to this one from Lowes. We then did another layer of mortar and carefully placed the tiles/sheets of rocks in place. This part was more time consuming than you would think. The time was spent checking to be sure the rocks would line up and not overlap the next row. I was so excited to get the rocks in place just to see the finished product and walk in my new rustic spa shower so maybe it just seemed to take forever for that reason.

After the rocks were all in place we sealed them per the instructions on the pack. Let that dry and then we mixed the grout! Before we put the grout in we installed the cement board all around the shower and sealed the seams.





The grout process took a while. Fortunately my hubby, Ryan, helped or should I say did most of it! I helped. It was starting to look great! We usually try to work on all of these projects together but it doesn’t always end up that way. I love to help and I love to be there to make sure things look the way I plan for them to look but, usually Ryan knows exactly what he is doing or has the will power to keep going and I am just ready to quit and take a snack break. Embarrassing yes, but it’s the truth and we are being honest here right??



After the grout was all in we sealed it again. The next decision was what type of shower head to put in. We looked online at so many and they were going to cost an arm and a leg and you couldn’t see what they really looked like and the parts were all separate so after yet another trip to Lowes, we decided on this one from Pulse and it looks awesome. It came as a system so we didn’t have to buy separate pieces. I wanted the handheld to make cleaning the huge shower easier and Ryan wanted the jets. We loved it. UnfortunatelyΒ  I will say that it doesn’t have the pressure in the jets at all and atΒ the time we put it up, it was months after we ordered it. But the rain shower is what it is named for, rain like water.




We finally installed the shower door, sealed all the cracks from the metal sides and now it is finished other than the trim around it!

We are still finishing up the rest of the little things in the master bath, towel racks, shelves and decor so look for more pictures soon!


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