Concrete Counter and Cake


For the past three months we have been using plywood for our kitchen counter while we were waiting for the concrete to be finished. The reason for the long wait time was a mixture of things but the main reason was waiting for our kitchen cabinets to be completed and installed. There was no way we could order the counter tops until the cabinets were installed and we were able to get accurate measurements. So we waited, and waited to order them. The actual waiting period once ordered was about 30 days, it just seemed like forever when you look at plywood counters every day.

There are so many different options now for counters. You can choose anything from laminate to wood or granite and quartz. The decision making process is painful. I knew I wanted the farmhouse apron front sink in my kitchen from the beginning and for budget reasons, I planned on getting laminate counter top. Until I talked with my favorite laminate counter top people and they informed me that it wasn’t the best option to use the farmhouse sink with laminate. It could be done, but they didn’t recommend it. So, that is when I explored the next options. Unfortunately granite was going to cost more than double what the laminate would. I am generally a very frugal person so when that price popped up, I passed. The next option was DIY concrete counter. I mentioned it to Ryan and he looked at me like I had possibly lost my mind. Maybe I did, but for the price, I was willing to try anything. In our kitchen, we splurged on the size and the cabinets for the space because there are so many. I didn’t get fancy cabinets with a lot of detail just the lower priced, shaker style plain white but… due to the quantity and size, they were more expensive. So, I knew I needed to save on the counter. After a week or so of research and pinning tutorials, we had asked a friend if they knew of someone that made concrete counters and guess what?? He did! So, Ryan was off the hook and we called him. In the end, the price of the concrete counters was less than laminate. Win, win for me.

Fast forward to this weekend and we installed the first half (the right side) of the concrete counter tops. I should mention that by we, I mean my hubby and the guy that made the counter top, not me. I was there for moral support and to take pictures of course.


I opted for the built in dish drainer. I love it. I hope that I don’t regret my decision later but, too late now!


Installing the counters, very carefully! I love them!


Everything in place, now for the finishing touches.

The weekends around here are usually time for family, Sunday family dinners are a thing we do frequently and we love! Do you have family dinners at your house? This particular Sunday, my little brother is home from Germany and leaving in a few days to go out of state again and so we celebrated his birthday while he is here! We know I love to bake so, birthday = birthday cake! I have always been a wanna be cake decorator so I try. I fail and sometimes succeed but I try! Well, this weekend I decided to try a new chocolate cake recipe and considering the size of our family, a yellow cake too.




All set up for family dinner, ignore the mixed matched chairs and no stools at the island, it’s getting there! Soon enough I will have all my chairs and stools but for now, this works. I used the extensions in my table for the first time and I think 11′ of table worked great for our big family.


Maybe I over did it a little on the cakes?? Nah, you can never have too much cake right??

Blog feb (77)

Waiting patiently for a crumb to drop.


I finally used the cake stand I have had in the back of my pantry for way too long.


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