Stylin’ with Coastal Pet Products

I have some pretty exciting news to share with you today! Are you ready??

Drum roll please……

Charlie March pics (22)

Charlie was selected as the dog model for Coastal Pet Products!! Coastal Pet Products is a company out of Ohio and we purchased our first product from them about three years ago when Charlie was a puppy. Charlie LOVED to go on walks, and still does, but unfortunately he had a tendency to pull on the leash.

Does your dog pull on the leash? Unfortunately I didn’t know much about harnesses at that time because Charlie was typically off leash everywhere except at a public trail etc… On the farm and at our camp, he didn’t need a leash. We decided to try the Walk Right front connect harness for Charlie and we were amazed at how well it worked. The concept was brilliant. Instead of the snap of the leash clipping on to the dogs back (like a sled dog – think sled dogs pulling a sled!) the leash clips to the front of the dogs chest and every time the dog decides to pull, their attention gets redirected back to you. Brilliant honestly.

I was so excited that this worked. No more pulling, no choking, no stress on the dogs neck, just a nice walk and much more enjoyment for all of us. Like an other training tool, this harness isn’t used as an immediate miracle fix, it is a training tool for you and your dog to work together and eventually the dog will be able to try a traditional top latch harness but it takes time and patience for you both, working together to accomplish the wanted behavior. It took us a while but Charlie eventually walked much better on a leash and traditional harness however certain times we still use the front connect.

Charlie walk right (1)

Charlie walk right (2)

Coastal was kind enough to send Charlie a brand new Walk Right harness in this bright red as well as a bunch of other goodies to try out! Here he is showing off the bright red. Isn’t he handsome?


My favorite out of the goody bag has to be the Sublime Aztec patterned collar and leash set. Most dog collars are typically about 1″ or sometimes 1 & 1/2″ wide, this one is 2″ wide and we love it. It looks great on Charlie with his fur color.

Blog March 17 (20)

At first I was concerned about the durability and strength of the plastic buckle but after testing it, it is great! We wanted to be sure that if Charlie did get excited over a rabbit or another dog, he wasn’t going to break open the buckle! Fortunately, the bucket worked great and didn’t pop open. The snap on the leash is a different snap than most traditional leashes but this model works great when snapping it on to the collar. The metal snap is also durable. With a dog Charlie’s size, durability is important!

Charlie March pics (28)

Charlie March pics (23)

Modeling his gear. Isn’t he a cutie? I think this collar is my new favorite. The color is perfect!

Charlie March pics (26)

Blog March 17 (17)

They also sent us this bright orange camo Remington collar. This is a must for Charlie. Many of the places we go to hike are in the woods so anything bright like this collar is a great option. The plastic buckle works great for when you want to get out the door fast and just snap that collar on right away, it also works great for taking the collar off in a hurry!

Charlie March pics (3)

Charlie March pics (11)

The collars both fit great and are good for the active dog as well as the couch potatoes. Charlie is both and today he is the active dog until we get back inside and he turns into the couch potato. Typically after a long walk outside, the first thing he does is curl up on the couch or on a sunny spot on the floor!

Charlie March pics (12)

Charlie March pics (17)

Charlie March pics (18)

Charlie March pics (21)

If you would like to check out Coastal Pet Products you can view their website here.

You can find them on Facebook here.

Instagram here.

Twitter here.

If you would like to follow Charlie the Sunshine Dog you can do that by clicking here for Facebook, here for Instagram and here for Twitter.

If you would like to view the products discussed above, please follow the links below.

The Aztec Sublime collar 

The Walk Right front connect harness 

The Remington orange collar (also in pink) 


Now the big question is, which collar would you choose for your fur baby?


*** Disclaimer – We received this products in exchange for a review. All opinions expressed are my own.



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