The Sunshine Dog

We are lucky enough to have another gorgeous sunny day here today in PA. It has been beautiful. The leaves on the trees are finally starting to turn green, we finally have grass in the yard. And by finally, I mean FINALLY. We haven’t had enough grass to mow since we started the excavation February of last year. So this past week when Ryan was able to mow the grass, it was pretty exciting. The first time he used the lawn mower on our new yard. It’s the little things in life that are exciting right??



20170426_135937 (2)

20170426_135933 (2)

The sunshine is something I look forward to daily but I am not the only one in the house that loves it. Charlie, our furkid, better known as Charlie the Sunshine Dog on his Instagram page, loves the sunshine. When I say loves, I mean he wakes up in the morning and goes directly to whatever spot in the house has sunshine at that time. So typically on the weekends, if we are outside, you can find Charlie curled up in his bed in the sunshine or on the seat of the side by side. Napping in the sun.

20170426_140225 (3)

20170426_135922 (2)

20170426_135912 (2)

Last weekend we hosted both families for Easter dinner and since it was nice enough outside we sat on the porch, well the next day Charlie decided he wanted to go outside. I look out the window and there is Charlie napping already in one of the porch chairs. He loves it.

So today, we were outside snapping a few pictures in this gorgeous sunshine. Charlie loved every bit of it.

20170426_140222 (2)

We took the opportunity to snap a few pictures of Charlie in his favorite new collar from Coastal Pet Products. I love the bright color on him and the wider band as well as the sturdy buckle. I was worried that the buckle would open or break but it is very durable.

Do you have a favorite brand of collar for your dog? I am always looking for new prints and colors for Charlie considering they are his only “outfits”.



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