Spring Cleaning

Years ago when our grandmothers mentioned spring cleaning, they meant getting out the bleach and the Spic N Span or whatever other heavy cleaner with a crazy strong smell. They meant wiping down every nook and cranny of every window, moving every piece of furniture out of the way and washing all the drapes, and ironing them or starching them, or both. I remember my Grandmother talking about the prep ahead of time and the time she spent cleaning, and then the time she spent redecorating for spring after she was finished.


Times have changed so much now, spring cleaning now seems like we do a quick sweep/dust/mop with a natural cleaner like Thieves, with plant based ingredients and a heavenly smell, and roll up the heavy down comforter on our beds and bring out the light quilt for the in between seasons until we turn on the air conditioner. At least in Pennsylvania that’s the case anyways. Especially for us here in the new house, we don’t have the AC hooked up yet (hopefully in two weeks) so we are definitely looking for the lighter quilt a few nights. The weather here goes from 45 degrees one day to 80 degrees the next and vice versa. That’s the fun of the four seasons though I think. We typically try to refresh the bedroom, flip the mattress & spray on some linen spray (DIY of course with a little lavender)! Some mattresses now can’t be flipped and some can so depending on your mattress, a good flip is necessary. If your mattress is more than a few years old, sometimes it needs more than a good flip, I have read some great reviews on Leesa foam mattresses. They also have a great program for giving back too. Β Next up is usually the closet, we can always reorganize the closet and sort through way too many clothes. I always end up donating a trash bag full every year!

Sometimes we even change the curtains, if we have them! Another way times have changed, I remember my Grandmother asking me if I was going to put up drapes in the new house in the great room, and I explained to her that we live in the middle of the woods and we don’t need curtains. She chuckled. Bless her heart, she passed away in November and I miss her every day. I am so thankful she was able to see our house in the early stages but enough to see the shape of the rooms and the huge windows. She was able to sit on the rocking chair and watch out the big window.


Back to our spring refresh,Β I have updated the kitchen with some great new spring prints and finally, after so many months of waiting, I decided on stools for the island.




Spring always makes me think of fresh flowers too so I love to have a bunch of flowers on my table! We were away at camp this weekend and of course I had to bring back a bundle of flowers for on my table. I think that it really brightens up the table from the Wooden Whale Workshop. Just ignore the “vase”, it was a jar we had at camp that the previous owners left.

What do you do to brighten up your space for spring?


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