Better Than New

I have shared with you how I love to use reclaimed wood where I can. Like our barnwood ceiling, our rustic reclaimed wood vanities and even our reclaimed wood farmhouse table. Farmhouse charm was my mail goal in the new house! I love everything about the idea of a fixer upper and rehab for an old farmhouse etc… Sometimes though, like in our situation, there was nothing to start with so instead of renovating an old house, we started from scratch. We made sure to use reclaimed wood where ever we could. I would have LOVED to do reclaimed wood on the floors but, with the radiant floor heat, they recommend not to use solid wood, so we opted for this engineered hardwood from Kraus. Our kitchen has all white cabinets so between the wood floors and the wood ceiling, it really pops.


I have been watching Rehab Addict with Nicole Curtis since it first came out. I love everything about her show and how she takes so many old pieces and completely rehabs them into something gorgeous. Especially the reclaimed wood. She also completely rehabs homes and restores them to their original look and let me tell you, they are gorgeous! I have been wanting to pick up her book forever but honestly, I haven’t had time to read for the past year. Now that things have slowed down, I ordered it! YAY for two day shipping from Amazon. I order everything on Amazon, do you?


Originally when my parents bought the farm, there was just a very small old farmhouse and the concrete floor of an old barn. No walls, just the floor. So my parents renovated what they could on the farmhouse at the time, and built the barn! The old barn is still here and it is looking old… but who doesn’t love an old barn???


This morning as I sit on our brand new porch, and soak up the sunshine while I work, I am going to enjoy every bit of our new home and think of reading my new book about restoring old homes…. Hmm…. Our next project???


Have you read Nicole’s book? What did you think?


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