Dirt Road Dreams

Sorry for the unplanned absence folks! I am back! The past few weeks have been a whirlwind of changes, excitement & chores. More on that later.


Today I just wanted to share a few snapshots from yesterday. As I mentioned before, here on the farm we have chores to do and some of them we would rather not do. Scratch that, most of them we would rather not do but this year, it was a little more exciting. My Dad has ALWAYS driven the tractor to cut the hay, rake the hay & bale the hay. As children we were the ones on the wagon stacking & NEVER was my Dad on a wagon. He was always the driver.



Since my hubby & I moved to the family farm, we have been learning more as adults about how to manage the farm, take care of the property and help my parents when we can. So this year it was Ryan’s turn to drive the tractor. Not that he hasn’t driven the tractor before but this is the first time mowing, raking & baling hay! So I took a ride to the hay field and saw something surprising. Something I had never seen before. My DAD ON THE WAGON! I had to take a picture for proof. Seriously folks, this has never happened.


Being on the farm with my family may seem crazy to some, living as close as we do to each other, although we can’t see the other’s house out our window, seems crazy right? Honestly though, we love it. Charlie the Sunshine Dog loves it. For the past year we have been able to casually pop in and sit on the porch and enjoy conversations that we normally wouldn’t when seeing each other only at family gatherings.


It is amazing to me how dreams change. Dreams of our own HUGE two story home with three bedrooms & three acres have now changed in to dreams of our own one story, smaller home with two bedrooms & 26 acres of my parents first generation farm at the end of a dirt road. Dreams change people whether you want to admit it or not but I as I sit on our porch and listen to the birds chirp, away from the busy traffic of the road, in the middle of the woods, I love our new dreams. I love the way things have changed. I love saying YES to my husband who had to keep asking over and over can we PLEASE start all over again, from scratch, and build a whole new house?? Like who does that?? I love my new kitchen & all the quirks that goes along with it. I love all of the new memories we made, all of the mess ups that happened and all of the imperfections I see in the new house that are lessons learned. Well, I don’t love ALL of them, but most of them! Change isn’t always a bad thing.



2 thoughts on “Dirt Road Dreams

  1. Bonnie Haught Cousins says:

    I love following along on your journey! It reminds me of our journey and I think we were buying the farm at just about the time in our lives that you guys are getting started. We are so proud of what you have done and enjoy watching you have the new experiences! Makes all the crazy times that we had over the years worth it to be able to pass it on!


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