About Us

Welcome, my name is Cassandra and this sweet pup is Charlie, AKA Charlie.the.Sunshine.Dog he is the source of our laughter and snuggles every day. He is also an Insta dog with his own Instagram. You can follow him here.


Baby Charlie and his Momma

This sweet man next to me is the love of my life, Ryan and the DIY King. He can build anything and has been the main builder throughout all of our projects including our first dream home. He puts up with my crazy design ideas and everything else I put him through so I have to give him a lot of credit! A LOT!



Our adventure started inΒ 2004. We met, bought 3 acres with a mobile home on it for a fabulous price, and got married all in 9 short months! We knew that the land would be perfect to build on someday. Fast forward 5 years later and we built our first dream home in 2009. We built the house 85% DIY to save where we could and stick to our budget.Β We knew it was the perfect place and the perfect house and we would be there forever but we always knew in our mind, with each change or update we made, that it was an investment. Sometimes plans change and what we think in the beginning isn’t always what we end up with. Fast forward 6 years later and we are building our new dream home on 26 acres at my parents farm! We are beyond blessed. Stick around and follow our journey of DIY home building on a budget.


Our first dream home.

A little more about me… I occupy myself during the day at my homeΒ office building my business and then spend my evenings with my hubby and our pup Charlie. If the sun is shining though, you won’t find us inside, unless we are working on the house, we are out the door! I will talk way to much about our dog and a little about my love for essential oils. I am a user and a believer. I love to talk about how much I use them in our daily life and have swapped out all the toxic stuff for the good stuff.

Stay tuned for more about our crazy adventures while we are finishing our dream home and of course the decorating. So much decorating, can you just feel the excitement??? I can! You can also follow along to see more pictures of our crazy pup and anything else life throws into the mix!

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